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Welcome to the DYNAMIC DRUMMING store!

Buy the books with audio to check your work!
Our estore is currently under construction. If you would like to buy a physical copy please contact for pricing and information.


Book 1: Beginner's Rock!

Start on the path to becoming a Dynamic Drummer! This ebook will give you a rock (music) foundation to begin to develop your skills.


Coming Soon
Book 2: Intermediate Rock!

Move ahead from the basics into intermediate rock beats and fills to more fully develop your skill as a Dynamic Drummer!


Coming Soon
JAZZ!: Swing, Blues, and Latin grooves!

Swing, blues, and Latin grooves... perfect for the "prepschool" players! Great preparation from the classroom to the stage.


Coming Soon
Greg Smith's Dynamic Jazz Quartet!

"Fine interaction and sterling musicianship are their stock in trade"

-Ron Wynn, The Nashville Scene

"I get the feeling of listening to Gene Krupa or Louis Bellson swing drumming... Feel the leadership of Greg Smith"

-Chuck Chellman, Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society


Coming Soon


The Dynamic Package! For the dedicated students!

Dynamic Drumming Books 1 and 2 with the audio all in one package for one low cost!


Coming Soon
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