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Master Class!

May 2018

Students show off what they have learned this year with a group drum session and mass song study. The advanced drummers show what they've got with solos before being schooled ...

Dynamic Drumming Online Store is now LIVE!

January 2020

We are excited to announce that our online store is now up and ready to rock! You can download the eBooks and Audiobooks and for a limited time, the whole collection is 20% OFF!

DYNAMIC DRUMMING TM is a DYNAMIC approach to drum set and rhythmic instruction for drummers who hate books... or just thought they did! Students progress from beginner beats to advanced rhythms and licks. Dynamic Drummers learn how to keep time, play fills, song studies, stretch out and just show off with feature solos!


Dynamic Drumming
Book 1 Sampler
Steel Pan Drums

Dynamic Drumming is now offering lessons on the Spiderweb Lead, Double Seconds, and Triple Guitar!

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